Photo by  Kersh Branz

Photo by Kersh Branz


Rob Jamner grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, his house echoing with the sounds of his mother playing flute and his father playing piano. His own musical journey began when he picked up the cello at the age of six. He brought stacks of books home from the library, and spent much of his childhood drifting into other worlds. Soon he began creating stories of his own, writing fiction, poetry, and plays. As he grew older, Rob fell in love with folk and rock music, and he decided to learn guitar. When he was fifteen, he brought his passion for music and his love of storytelling together by writing his first songs.

Over the years, Rob has grown into a dynamic songwriter and performer. He graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in Creative Writing in 2017, and moved to Berkeley, California. An openly queer person, Rob thrives on ambiguity, and he plays with expectations in his music. Some moments are catchy and cathartic, other moments are surprising and sophisticated, and they all come together to make a singular, distinctive sound. 

Rob sees his music as an opportunity to collaborate and build community. For his upcoming EP, Holding Stones, Rob has commissioned five video artists to create short films inspired by his songs. Rob says, “Instead of traditional music videos that focus on myself and my band, I want our works of art to be in conversation with each other, standing on equal footing.” Holding Stones was released on February 22, 2019.