Photo by Kersh Branz

Photo by Kersh Branz


"Rob's songs are simultaneously catchy enough to feel like your favorite songs and innovative enough to startle you each time you hear them."
Emma Blackman (songwriter, a collaborator and friend of Rob's)

"Rob never ceases to surprise, or move in a new direction. He is as dynamic as the world around him."
Grover Neville (musician, composer, and a friend of Rob's)


Rob Jamner is an indie rock songwriter and poet. His music sounds like what would happen if Jeff Buckley and Simon & Garfunkel went to see The Shins perform, and it inspired them to make an album together. He sings his stories in a clear, high voice, dancing on distorted jazz chords and gliding over earnest ballads. In his lyrics, he explores the depth of his hopes and anxieties, always emerging with a glimmer of optimism. He released his first EP, Lost in the Clouds, in 2015, and he is working on new material to release in 2018.


Rob Jamner grew up in a quiet Kentucky neighborhood, a small creek following a one-lane road though hills of oak, walnut, and pine trees. As a child he brought stacks of books home from the library. Hungry to learn about whatever caught his interest in the world, he swam through facts about dinosaurs, skyscrapers, butterflies, weather patterns, whales, and airplanes. He spent many weekends content in the solitude of his room, sitting beside the window, embarking on adventures in fantasy worlds. Soon he was writing stories of his own.

Midway through high school Rob began to look up from his books. He wanted to connect with people, but he did not know how to begin. "Well, I can write a song, but I have trouble finding words when I'm with you," he confessed in one of his first songs. As it turned out, songwriting gave him the words that he needed: setting his truth to music and performing it at talent shows, he found a way to let down his guard. 

Over the past five years Rob has developed into a dynamic songwriter and performer. He approaches songwriting with the same passion that he had as a kid carrying a stack of books home from the library.